A downloadable game for Windows

In an unknown Country, on an unknown Mountain ... the little "Snow Hoppers" live peacefully together. One day, however, a dangerous threat, the "Bigfoot" emerges.


- Retro Style
- Pixel Graphics
- Chiptune Sound
- Unique Gameplay


Left Arrow = Left
Right Arrow = Right
Space = Jump
Left/Right + Space = Wall Jump

This is a Prototype ..., tell me what you think of it!!!


Snow Hopper Prototype.zip 2 MB


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Love it! I would gladly play a full version!

nice game but you should refine the walljump, right now it it is very unintuitive


Minimalistic art style done well. Got stuck on level 3.


It was a good experience and I had a solid few minutes of fun!

The wall jump is not super intuitive, but that could work in favor of the game.

The level progression felt odd. Like it was pacing back and forward and accelerating.

Nevertheless, Good job!